The Scourge of Lordaeron

The start of an Adventure
Bitches got tired

The first adventure begins in Hearthglen, northern Lordaeron

Our ragtag adventuring group, named the Basketball Azerothians, were hot on the tail of a plague of which had been sweeping the the country side. After briefly meeting Prince Arthas, the party became aware of a massing undead army moving towards Hearthglen. They were recruited to assist in defending the town from the undead. During the battle, the adventurers encountered several hooded men guarding and escorting a wagon filled with plagued hay. The group managed to dispatch the undead guards and the necromantic sorcerers, but at a cost. Tajic was lost in the battle, and turned against their party as a minion of the plague. Tiger looted most of Tajic’s stuff, and no one buried him (go team!).

After returning to Hearthglen to celebrate their victory, some of the party members began to exhibit strange symptoms. Tiger and Ilyna Sunsky had caught a bad fever which caused them to hallucinate and need to be bedridden.

Thinking on his feet, Killian Blythe went to the Prince’s paladins to ask for assistance. While it wasn’t a cure, he managed to halt the disease’s progress and save his friend’s life.

The next morning, the group was approached by Prince Arthas to assist him in getting information of the region. They would be sent to Brill, a nearby town, and regroup with the Paladin’s forces near the gate of Stratholme. The garrison lent them each a horse, and gave Tiger a musket.

Before arriving at Brill, the party noticed a large green ploom of smoke above the town, hanging there with an angry omen. Once they arrived, they were treated as outsiders and a lack of hospitality. Tiger figured something strange was afoot and decided to sneak around town and see what he could find. He first sneaked into the tavern of the town, which was lacking both patrons and workers. He snagged the gold from behind the bar and found a black mask. Being who he was, he decided he was going to wear it. The next building Tiger decided to look through was the house next to the tavern. He used his stealth to get into the house and find his way through the back door which lead to a large opening. In the centre of this open space he found a large chained down cauldron which seemed to be the source of the green haze. Additionally, he saw several men in black robes, all of which wore black robes and a mask very similar to the one he had found in the tavern.

The nimble rogue creped back into the house but was spotted by two men who he previously had gotten passed. Seeing the stolen mask the rogue was wearing, one of the two men accused him of being a traitor within their ranks. With striking agility, Tiger managed to knock one of the men out with his musket before holding the other at gunpoint. The second man then yelled, “FOR NER’ZHUL!” and charged at Tiger, forcing the rogue to kill him with his musket. The party heard the shot and came running to assist Tiger. However, the party wasn’t the only group to hear the gunshot. Several town guards ran towards the house as well, weapons ready to strike.

Within the house’s backyard, the hooded men began to release the cauldron’s liquid plague and, despite Tiger’s best efforts, they succeeded. Within moments, the grass around the base began to die and the haze which lurked above the town became thicker as the cloud found its way to street level.

Meanwhile the righteous and noble priest, Ilyna Sunsky, attempted to reason with the guards unknowing that the guards were part of whatever this town was hiding. The captain of the guard fired his crossbow at the cleric as soon as he had sight of her. The mighty Scrotor came forth and dispatched the guards with amazing efficiency using but a single spell. While the group battled the guards, Killian took the opportunity to take a sample of what little remained in the cauldron.

But there is no rest for the wicked and even less for the just. Within moments of the guards being stuck down, feral cries could be heard echoing through the town and with very little time between each fight, the Basketball Azerothians were surrounded by more than a dozen ghouls, but these lesser undead were but a small challenge for our heroes, and they defeated the ambush with little to no difficulty.

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