Enter the World Of Warcraft

The Dark Portal burst open and through the gaping chasm of nether and twists came an army. Green and gray, the Orcish Horde marches from the land of Draenor into the realm of Azeroth, and fall Azeroth did. The Orcish tides washed over the subcontinent of Azeroth, destroying all which they came across. These events would be known as the First War.

The Second war truly was less of a war of its own and more of a counter attack. Spearheaded by the Kingdom of Lordaeron, assisted by an alliance of their own name, the humans took back Azeroth from the green menace. Destroying their captial in Blackrock Spire and pushing the barbaric Orcs back to the Dark Portal, the humans’ and their Alliance took victory in the second war and destroyed the Orc’s portal to their homeland.

The Orcs were rounded and kept in prison camps, left in interment until something could be done with them. Peace had come to Azeroth, or so it seemed. The Orcs, had found a leader who organized their escape across the ocean to other lands, leaving the Eastern Kingdoms for the time being.

With the commotion of the Orcs taking the center stage, a new plague began sweeping across Lordaeron turning bustling towns, such as Andorhal, into barren shells of what once was. Rumours spreading as quickly as this plague that hooded figures have been seen among the towns merely days before all hell breaks lose, but details are never clear or consistent.

With the Lordaeron’s military clearing out the remaining few barbaric Orc clans from their kingdoms and beyond, the Alliance of Lordaeron turns to brave adventures and mercenaries for help with this new plague. Your band of heroes have been sent to the town of Hearthglen, hot on the tail of recent clues of this plague of death… And here is where our adventure begins.

The Scourge of Lordaeron

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